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Our services for you

We accompany our customers professionally and competently from the initial contact up to the notification of the change of ownership, for example at the municipality. Below we have a small excerpt of our services we provide for you:


  • Common object inspection
  • Create photos for marketing activities with professional SLR cameras
  • Obtaining information from the municipality, tax consultants, land register, etc., if necessary
  • Recommendation of authorized manufacturers of energy certificates (external costs, but above us cost advantage)
  • Enquiry the Operating Expenses, etc.
  • Pricing strategy (over-market value, light-over-market value, fair-market value, under-market value)
  • Broker agreement
  • Other services:
  • Short calculation/estimation of apartments, land and residential buildings, as required
  • Estimation of realistic market prices


  • Create Expose
  • Object presentation in showcases
  • For sale shield by arrangement
  • Segmentation of the buyer layer
  • Advertised customers are addressed
  • Marketing on various platforms, such as Immoscout, Immowelt, own homepage, Gewinnimmobilienhomepage, Free-Immo,, etc.
  • Marketing via cooperation partners in the BENELUX countries, Czech Republic / Slovakia & Russia
  • You will immediately receive by email the information concerning the prospective customers which have been offered you property from us.
  • Schedule coordination; Flexible organization of visits (also on Sundays or public holidays)
  • Feedback about the real estate viewing, in person, by email or telephone
  • Transaction negotiations (such as inventory, details such as transfer date, purchase date, etc.)

Purchase contract:

  • Recommendation of lawyers, notaries (usually chosen by the buyer), tax advisors if necessary, etc.
  • Organization of purchase contract layout, as well as final purchase contract
  • Accompanying the entire process, including the notary or the notarial signing of the purchase contract

Handing over:

  • Transfer protocol (meter reading, etc.) and hand-over of keys
  • All institutions, such as the municipality, road and water cooperatives, electricity providers, rental services, house management, chimney sweepers, building insurers, etc., will be informed about the change of ownership