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Property check

Are you wondering how much your appartement/flat or your home is worth, or how much you currently may obtain for your property on the market?

We 're here to help, in the form of the instrument property check, we determine the value of your property.

The following range of services includes our assessment:

  • Joint inspection of the evaluation object
  • We procure the necessary documents, such as land registry, cadastral plan, etc.; floor plans are provided by yourself.
  • We determine the current market value .
  • You will then receive your personal PROPERTY CHECK FOLDER. It includes the following important documents:
  • a current abstract of title
  • a site plan
  • floor plans
  • a determined market value of your property by us
  • Valuable advice, on what you should consider when you sell your property and how you can maintain or increase the value of your property.
  • Your personal PROPERTY CHECK costs € 500, - plus 20% VAT for an apartment and around € 900, - plus 20% VAT for a single family home .
  • If you entrust us with the sale of your property and we sell it successfully, the fee for the PROPERTY CHECK will be credited to the finder's fee, which means you pay less commission!

Legal Disclaimer:
The property check is not an official appraisal and is therefore not suitable for official submission to authorities. The property check is done on the basis of objective circumstances (eg: compare prices for land, houses, flats in the vicinity), and based on our experience as real estate experts as real estate brokers. The evaluation is done on the basis of the object view, but we can not consider outside unrecognizable technical construction defects or structural damages, possibel soil contamination, land register like right of abode and suchlike. These aspects are only considered for a full and detailed appraisal by a real estate appraiser.

Our property check should give you a rough overview of the current value of your property on the basis of the above criteria. It is a market value assessment, but we can not give a liability or cannot guarantee that the determined value can be really achieved. It is also prohibited to hand over the property check to other people.